Funeral Home

Funeral Home, HG Harris

A new funeral home premise for an established, trusted family business in Staple Hill, Bristol.

NOMA was approached to create a new purpose-built building just around the corner from the funeral director’s current facilities that were no longer suitable for their work, which would ensure the business is able to continue serve the community into the future.

The design was carefully developed to create a building that offered a comforting service for bereaved customers to offer the personal, private experience needed at this difficult time. Single storey pitched metal roofs and Pennant Sandstone walls creates a smart, welcoming entrance to the building and a positive contribution to the area. The inclusion of thin slit windows and high level triangular windows allows light into the customer rooms whilst maintaining the privacy needed at this time. The rear and upstairs of the building provide high-quality workspaces and facilities for staff to undertake their work.