North Ensleigh

North Ensleigh, Lansdown Bath – Hanover Housing

Development of 72 Extra-Care Apartment facility as part of wider redevelopment of MOD Ensleigh at Lansdown, Bath, delivering up-to-date homes with care for local older people as well as providing communal spaces, including a café and hair salon, for residents, local amenity groups and local residents.

There are a number of significant heritage assets close to the site and careful consideration has been paid to how the proposals present to views from Beckford’s Tower and the Lansdown Road approach to Bath City Centre. The architectural treatment is contemporary and contextual, relating in scale, material and character to the setting.

A traditional pallette of materials, including rubble stone, lime render, cast stone dressing and slate has been used. This traditional palette is combined with contemporary detailing to define a building that reflects its setting and the time of its conception.