Poundbury Extra Care scheme wins FIS Gold Award

Atkin Trade has built a load-bearing light gauge steel frame structure for the new Extra Care facilities at Poundbury.  All detailing has been done by Metsec, using BIM-compliant modelling software, to integrate the structural and architectural details.  This proved critical in the complex mansard roof configuration.  All the cold-rolled steel was manufactured from this model and supplied to length and with holes pre-punched.  The sections were then assembled into storey-height wall panels including rigid insulation.  The finished panels were delivered to site and craned into position, saving time and cost.

The judges explained: ‘Arguably, this project should have been in the SFS Award category – but this is not SFS as we know it.  When you consider that the complex load bearing structural steel framed panels were essentially fabricated off site and installed on site by five operatives over 30 weeks, you can see why Atkin Trade’s excellent work is recognised with a Gold award in this category.”