NOMA Architects – the first 25 Years

NOMA Architects Limited are celebrating the New Year with special reason, for on 1 January 2010 the Practice is officially 25 years old.

The Practice will be holding a number of key events throughout 2010 to thank clients old and new for their continued support.

Recent examples of very successful local projects which have been completed include Waverley Gardens, a Very Sheltered Housing development in Withywood, the Hampton House Medical Centre in Redland, Bristol Cathedral School’s new premises in College Square, and the Granary EMI Nursing Home in Nailsea.

The Practice’s ethos has for many years been to create buildings which will improve the quality of life for those who live, work and play in them. Nowadays, this ethos has evolved to ensure that quality of life is not gained at the expense of mother earth.

Robert Narracott, founder of the Practice, is convinced that a policy of listening to and learning from their clients has ensured that an exceptional amount of repeat work has been generated over the first 25 years. ” We never forget that our clients do not grow on trees; we like to think of them as an endangered species that we need to nurture!”

Robert is now philosophical about what Architecture and the Practice may be like in 25 years time: “Having seen the advent of computers, scanners, mobile phones and digital cameras (not to mention fax machines which seem redundant already!) it is hard to imagine they will be replaced for many millennia, but technology will not stand still. Computers are already designing in three dimensions, and could soon replace the established two dimensional approach.”

“Computers are also now empowering Architects with greater control over all aspects of their projects. Eventually this could create a return to the position enjoyed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries when the Architect’s role was much more comprehensive than today. Maybe it is no coincidence that those centuries also brought us the buildings which this country arguably loves the most. I do think the likes of Wren, Vanburgh , Adam, and their buildings, will be remembered long after the present generation of Architects have hung up their software boots, but ironically history could yet repeat itself with the help of the computers of the future!”

“Here’s to the next 25 years!”